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My name is Brad Cologero Getz or BradCGZ for short, I am a content creator who has spent many years researching everything and anything I can with a specific eye these past 3 and a half years on our country's history, politics and current situation.

Here is a link to my Rumble Account which constitutes a complete Archive of all my work from 6/14/18 to  Present Day. Click here to see my latest work. I also have YoutubeBitchute, Tiger Network, GabTV and Pilled accounts.


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Joe Biden Professes His Allegiance to the "New World Order"

A breakdown of a 1992 Speech Joe Biden gave to the Senate about the New World Order and why we need to lead the path in bringing it about world wide.
A 3 day deposition, June 29th, June 30th and July 1st  1992. He goes into full detail about Completing what Woodrow Wilson Started of ushering in a Globalist New World Order with the United Nations.
Joe Biden is literally New World Order in his own words.