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Extra Links, Social Media and Merch Store

Merch Store

Here you can find the latest Logical Faction, BradCGZ and Buster the Patriot Pug Gear. From tee shirts to hoodies, bags and more...

Social Media - GAB

ON this page you will my Social media posts that are aside from my videos. Here is where I like to suss out a lot of my thoughts or will throw up quick things I have found that maybe won't make a video. I also have a Twitter, WeGo, and CloutHub if you'd also like to check that out

Original Music

I am a lifelong musician with a plethora of different music from over the years. Where it be Metal, Death Metal, Acoustic or Classical on this page there is something for everyone.


Val Halla: Hard Rock/Metal

The Onslaught: Melodic Death Metal


Brad Cologero Getz: Acoustic/Rock/Classical